Promotional USB Devices Used in Education



Much like promotional products and giveaways, promotional USB drives tend to be used in the education industry for a wide range of applications. It has been observed that such items have more utility and serve more practical purpose than compared to other promotional items. These types of designed USB drives can be used in various occasions in schools, colleges and universities.

  • In various college events, items like logo branded pens, mugs, shirts, etc. are given out to the students. Branded USB drives have now become very popular choice instead. The coat of promotional flash drives have been decreasing steadily over the years, making them more affordable. These are inherently more useful products for students compared to mugs and pens.
  • During orientation of new students, colleges and universities can give custom branded USB sticks with all the documents, flyers, and booklets pre-loaded in a digital format. The benefit of such a gift is that students can use the drive for their personal and professional use, and also keep these documents handy.
  • Recruiters at colleges and universities use custom USB sticks to disseminate information to all the prospective students. These drives are distributed to all the prospective students at information sessions and career fairs during the recruitment season. These items are also used at events abroad to recruit foreign exchange students. The fact that these drives are completely custom branded for the colleges or universities serves to promote their name and reputation.



The most popular customized USB drives used in the education industry are given below:

  • Card shaped USB drives are very popular with the educational institutions because of their branding ability to attract sponsorship. Cards have plenty of space for sponsors' logos to be printed.
  • USB pen is one of the most practical items to be given to students as they would require both a pen and a USB drive, so combining these two items into one is definitely a great idea.


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