How to draw attention to your brand USB drive

USB flash memory has become a marketing tool in recent years, with increased capacity for data storage and hundreds of ready-to-use projects. In this context of growing popularity, it was only a matter of time before the industry made the making of personalized or custom shaped USB devices cheaper and easier.

There is now a bespoke, custom molded part available only in mass-market products to create a genuinely unique USB product, even in small quantities. You can make these custom shapes from a variety of recycled and recyclable materials such as ABS, PVC, PET, and silicone. Not only does this material provide a cost-effective way to make USB Flash Drives in custom shapes, but lighter and more flexible materials also provide unique details regarding text and logos. It is because you can build the shapes for these materials of low-density metal alloys that can cut with finer tools.

The PVC offers not only fantastic details but above all an excellent feeling and makes the production of custom USB sticks in 2D and 3D in small and medium quantities profitable. It is ideal for making these popular marketing tools in a budget.

The process is pretty simple. First, the object (a shoe or a bottle) is sent to the manufacturer to create a 3D CAD representation of a 3D or 2D wireframe. If the object is too large to be sent to the installation, you can use two or more photos from different angles. Once this CAD representation is approved, a soft metal mold is made using a computer-controlled lathe. Once the mold is ready, molten PVC is useful, for small jobs usually with a pneumatic hand tool. The PVC material solidifies in a few seconds in contact with the metal and gets expelled.

Custom shaped flash drives from 250 units cost no more than some of the available models. The modular and lightweight USB and PVC memory ABS units provide a cost-effective solution to finding a unique and useful giveaway to put your brand ahead of the competition.

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