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Promotional USB

Businesses and professional outfits across the world are constantly looking for innovative marketing techniques and effective promotional campaigns to ensure that they reach the largest consumer base possible. The promotional USB is a great way to market your brand or business and it also serves as an excellent productive storage tool.

A promotional USB is essentially a custom made USB flash drive that serves multiple purposes. You can innovate and experiment in terms of content as well as design when ordering the personalized custom USB drive. WeAreUsb are one of the leading manufacturers of the custom made USB sticks and have a long standing expertise of handling the customized accessory business.

The process of custom promotional USB and the different templates offered by WeAreUsb

As a client you would need to provide your requirements in an image or any other creative document that details your expectations from the custom made USB drive. You must provide as much detail as possible so that you can get the best final product possible. The experts at WeAreUsb will take a comprehensive look at your requirements, analyze it and they will provide suggestions wherever they feel it necessary. Once all the parties have agreed on the essential components of the product, the WeAreUsb experts will then craft your customized USB to the best of their abilities. The whole procedure involves studying the 3D design to proof reading and then finally render project managed comprehensive service.

Let us have a look at some of the templates that can be used for customized promotional USB. Cards, leather, metal, plastic, keys, wood, pens and wristband are some of the common templates used for the promotional USB. You can take a look at all of these templates, analyze the various types of categories available in each of these templates and finally make an informed decision based on your requirements.

Custom Usb Drives Can Aid You Endorse Your Business

Looking for a technique to promote the name of your company on the desks of your potential clients and customers?


You may need to think of something a little trendier than just a calendar coffee or mug.

Customized USB flash drives may give your company just the thing it requires to go to the next level.

There are several reasons why persons use custom USB flash drives.

  • One cause is that they like to upload photos, music, as well as other programs onto their pc. If they preserve it onto custom shaped USB they aren’t only giving themselves the liberty of mobility as of their computer nevertheless they are as well saving a backup copy of their utmost important data.
  • Another reason you should know, why people like to utilize custom USB flash drives is to take them a copy of their works without having to carry a PC or Laptop. This is a convenient tool as well as is a great item to utilize to promote your company.

Custom USB pen drives are the new compact floppy disk, and they derive with many other benefits that their older substitutes did not.

Subsequently USB drives have made it recognized to the globe that they are a must have, businesses are beginning to exploit the marketing worth of the custom USB drive.

By providing your customer custom USB drives, you provide them with a way to have continuous access to the info that they need also your business remains relevant in their minds when they need to utilize it.

This customized USB flash drives can be ordered in a variety of looks. From diverse colors and diverse shapes to several materials as well as varying features, you can select the one that is utmost like your business.

When you start giving those away, you will find that you’ve additional business than you assumed probably.

Personalized USB To Reflect Who You Are




Bored of that black or white USB that are so common that almost everyone you know has the same looking one? Looking for something a bit more exclusive and custom made?


Worry no more! Custom shaped USB is a real thing, and you can have them as intricately shaped as you want!


How It Works


All you need to have your little USB is to print the idea on a paper, and it will be made perfectly suited to your description. Custom USB is a reality and can be made with the help of 3D printers. A specific mould is made for your unique USB, and throughout the process, you will be guided. The work entails the creation of the mould, production of the prototypes and finally, you will have your USB in no time! The options are almost limitless when it comes to finding your USB. Options range from battery shaped, metal key ring type, crystal type and even cute designs like bananas, cars and so much more.


Why You Need These


Custom USB sticks are widely used by one and all, so it is a great thing to have personalised even for small and large business enterprises. If your company has a unique custom made USB which can be offered as a show getaway or even if you make the USB shaped like your company's logo, not only do you leave a great impression on the other party but also makes your company or product memorable to your buyer as he will be carrying it right in his pockets.


Making your little USB, whether you're a college student or doing it for your company, either way, it is an excellent option as it will lead you to make your statement clear in no time.


Find more details right HERE.


Custom Printed And Shaped USBs


SB drives have been available in different sizes and shapes for many years. But through the introduction of Custom Shaped USB flash drives, the advertising and marketing industry has been advantageous. By using them, people are able to advertise their products and services a bit more. They send these to the clients that represent them or their product.

People can design them according to their business and with a logo printed on them. For example, a car company can house it inside a casing that looks like a car and print the logo on the top. Similarly, chocolate or dairy companies can use bar-shaped or cow shaped casings respectively. They can be made any shape according to the requirements. They help in building better relationships between the company and customers as people will be able to remember them every time they use it.


Custom Shaped Flash Drives are excellent advertising tools as well as useful tools for almost everyone. Through them, the storage and transfer of files in sales presentations have become very easy. They act as a means of communication between the company and the client. Because of them, the customers take some time to read the files carefully as the company people have provided a promotional item that can be used for business as well as personal purposes.

When the USB is housed inside an interesting shape than other people are sure to notice while using it. It will make them curious to know what company the shape is and they will want to know more about the company. By this, the discussion will move from one person to another that will highlight the company and its business even more. Many online stores provided various different ranges of Custom USB. They can even make one as per one’s request.

How Are The Logos Of USB Drive Created?

Presently, have you noticed the different types of USB drives? Aren’t they beautiful? Of course, they are really a creative bent of the human mind. Do you want to customize your own USB drive? After you have looked at the different types of unique designs, who will not want to own one!

Another good aspect of logo USB drives is that they are one of the best ways to promote your brand. You can attach the logo of your brand in the USB drive and customize it. However, let us check how this process of customization works.

  • Send a drawing or sketch

If you have already made up your mind to design a customized USB drive, do not delay. Quickly send the team a sketch, or drawing or a picture or simply a rough sketch of your requirement. No matter if your design is complicated. The team experts will bring out the main sketch out of the rough drawing. The company, before proceeding further, creates 3D pictures and asks for your feedback. The images are so enticing that you almost feel like looking into the final product.

Again, if you have a good idea but cannot give shape to it, share your idea with the team members. The team of creative designers is there to follow your instructions. 

  • Create the drive from any material

Using any material is absolutely fair. The basic ones that are commonly used are wood, plastic, metal, silicone, marble, leather, and rubber. Besides these, there are innumerable possibilities. Also, moving parts, ceramics, accessories and much more can be added as per your demand.

  • Data upload possibilities

The team also takes proper care of uploading the entire data into the USB drive so that you don’t have to put much effort. The team will preload all your marketing essentials. Therefore, you lose nothing.

New Way To Provide Data Storage For Your Clients


Have you ever wondered some different ways to reach out to your clients?

Well there are many such ways that are really odd. The oddest one but loving is the custom USBs which are now the craziest ones.


Customizable design of the USB

The different shaped and sized custom USB is purchased for the promotional purpose. They are the one which can spread to different places carrying the logo of your company or the product. Interestingly shaped custom USBs are obviously being preferred by every one of us.

But how that can be done for the promotional purposes? Well here we describe some of the ways out for you.

Promotion can be done by spreading the logo of the company to different clients. So make the shape of the USB and give to different clients. This can be a odd way to make the promotions of your company.

Additional advantage of the USB of different designs

Another feature of the custom USB sticks is that they can be easily used at any devices. Whether it’s a small one or the bigger one, these custom designed USBs can be used easily. They can be carried even in small purse or bags and no extra space is required for it. So just carry it anywhere and at any place.

If you are just buying a cool and trendy designed USB, look at the online stores. They are having several designed USBs in collections.

But if want to make it designed as per your logo, and then get the designed done by the manufacturer. Contact with them and get them designed accordingly. You will get exact design of the logo.

Promotion of the company can be done in this way and hence make use of the custom USBs. Now they are the most hyped one to have a trendy look in the different electronic accessories. It makes the thing look more fashionable too.

Now Get A Customized USB For Promotion Of Your Product!

Well, isn’t that exciting? A USB that’s shaped exactly like the product you are promoting or dealing with. What a great way for marketing the product! If you are an executive who wants a new way to impress the market, there is nothing better than a Custom Shaped USB. It is innovative and useful. Also, it will keep your product in the minds of the people for a long time.

These Custom Shaped Flash Drives are unique gifts that could also be handed out to your respected clients as gifts of appreciation. Also, you could use them for giveaways of popular trade shows here and there.

What Is The Process?

To be honest, you have an easy part to play here. You just have to send the company the logo or the product design of your institution or product, respectively. They will make sure that your product gets turned into a well-crafted 3D shaped Custom USB. Of course the more details you give about your product, the better the quality and accuracy of the USB.

The price is not too much. It is well within the affordable range of your budget. They are often available in various shapes sizes colors etc., different for each price range. Most online sites provide you with a huge variety of products that are shipped within a limited period to you.

Why Customize An USB?

The answer to this query is quite obvious. It is an innovative and powerful way to promote your product. It will play a big role in guiding a customer’s psyche. The more they look at that USB, the longer they have its after image in their mind. So, when they go for buying a product, they subconsciously get directed towards your product. Think about it, isn’t that extra bit of money not worth it?

Get more info here.

Custom USB And Flash Drives: Personalized Gifting Choice For You



USBs and Flash Drives are very important part of our day to day activities. These small devices help you to store huge amounts of data and at the same time gives you the capability of carrying the data anywhere and anytime you want. So USBs can easily be an amazing gift for anyone you want to give a presentation on any occasion. These small devices will not burn a hole in your pocket but will surely help someone to complete an important task efficiently by being portable and big storage.


Customize Your Drive


People, nowadays have gathered a certain liking for personalized gifts over readymade ones and why won't they? Personalized gifts are so much more unique and special than those mass-produced products. So next time gift someone a Custom USB Stick and makes them even happier. A custom USB stick sounds too good to be true, but you will find many online sites which offer you with the ability to customize your USB drive. So now, you can style and shape your custom USB according to the liking of a special person.


If you are a businessman and want to promote your company to greater heights, Promotional USB drives designed and shaped in the likings of your company, are the great of active promotion. Your company will be effectively showcased in the Custom USB Sticks and people will get to know more about you and your business.


Personalized gifts are always more touching and unique than already made products available in the market. Therefore with so many unique benefits of the Custom USB stick and flash drive, next time you can gift it to someone close to you or promote your business in any type of occasion you want.

Promote Your Business Using The Custom Usb Drive

If you want to promote your business online and offline both, use Logo USB Drives. It’s a best method to promote and promote your product online. It also helps to store data’s and share information easily from one place to another. Simple to use and completely user friendly. It represents a large market where people store their information. And there are several new companies who want to promote their business using this USB drives.

Why logo USB?

They put their business profile, information, and presentation within the device and print their logo and company name on the USB device and distribute. It helps to promote your company service or products and it create brand awareness. It helps to grow your business and it also offers several other advantages.

Choose a company after profound research

Presently, there are some online companies who are manufacturing the Logo USB Drives. They are offering custom made, designing, and any type of USB device as per your requirement. You can choose any reputed company as per your requirement and the budget. First, check their website and their customer reviews to know more details about their services. After that, check their customer care department to know more details. It’s a best way to get the reputed company.

They will provide custom made USB drives on which your company logo will be printed. And if you need, they will also print your business website and phone number. It’s up to you how you want to make the product. There are different design and colors and sizes available. You can choose any design as per your requirement. The price of the product is little high as it is custom made. Choose any reputed company and search the net and buy a USB device now!


Personalized USB’s Are Now Widely Available In The Market



If you are not satisfied with the USB that you are using and want to buy something new, you can now get custom USB sticks along with promotional USB and logo USB Drives. You can get leather USB sticks or plastic USBs online. You will be reasonably priced, and no one will cheat you. Mostly corporate companies like to use customised USBs to promote their products as well as their company. They try to promote their company by putting their company logo on the articles that are being used in daily life. Thus, by creating a customised USB with your company logo on it will help your company sales immensely.



Buy USB From Trusted Websites!


You should always buy USBs and Power Banks from trusted dealers. These articles are used for technical purposes, and you should never compromise with them. If you buy USBs online, then it can ship to almost any part of the world. You can even get a USB within 24 hours if you are in a hurry. Whether it is a twister USB or a Clip it USB, you can get it quite easily. So stop thinking and start clicking.


USBs Are Important!


If you are using USBs for promotional events for your company, you can put the logo of your company on it. Even if you are in a hurry and you have to meet a deadline, you can do so by ordering your customised USB. Certain stages need to be completed before you get the final product. From designing to proofing stages, it takes a lot of care and dedication to create a customised USB. Every USB is created keeping the customer’s preference in mind. So what are you waiting for? Order your USB online today! 


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